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Our Smoked Pheasants
are available for
pick-up at the farm.


Tired of the same old predictable hams and turkeys for holidays? Smoked Pheasant is the solution.

Pheasant is becoming increasingly popular because it doesn't take long to cook and is very healthy due to its low fat and cholesterol content. Pheasant is now readily available nationwide. Both wild and farm-raised birds are famed for their flavor, texture, and lean, healthful aspects.

Try a smoked pheasant from Elk Ridge. The cost is only $27.00 each (available for pick-up at the farm).  Contact us to place your order.

As with all feathered game, fresh pheasant is only available in season. The flesh is pale, lean and firm (not dissimilar to chicken), with a subtle, gamey flavor which cooks fairly quickly. As with most game, they are best when not overdone.

Pheasant is at its best early in the season. There are a great variety of methods in preparing pheasant. Almost any recipes using chicken can be adapted for use with pheasant, and any leftovers can be used to make delicious pies, pâtés and salads.

Here are just some of the ways to prepare pheasant:

• Baked in a Blanket
• Paprika Pheasant
• Honey Baked Pheasant
• Pot Pie
• Stir Fry
• Pheasant a la Creme
• Casserole
• Salad

With such a variety of methods to prepare pheasant, and its health benefits, place your order today.